Hi There! My name is Al Warner. I have been involved in Pinball for about 16 years now. Over that time, I have created the hobby’s first podcast, created a series of videos called ‘Pins and Vids’, brought new products to the market, spoken at Pinball Expo and the Allentown shows, saved various pinball websites, helped create two pinball leagues, etc. My reputation proceeds me.

I have a task in front of me that I can’t refuse, yet it breaks my heart to do. A close friend that would like to remain anonymous asked me to sell off his massive pinball and video game collection for him. He is very sick. He hasn’t been able to play the games for over a year and has tried to detach himself from them to make it easier.

The games range from showroom quality to average quality, but he never bought junk. The prices will be on the high end, but there are some awesome games going to be available. Some of the games have been restored by Chris Hutchins of High End Pins. I’ll be taking detailed pictures of the games and posting them here.  We’ll be starting with the high dollar games and going from there.

The games currently available are listed on the left.  These are links to pictures and pricing.  Prices ARE negotiable to some degree.  We reserve the right to refuse any offer and might offer counter offers.  Games can be picked up or shipped by STI at the buyer’s expense.  Contact Michelle Bianchi at 877-432-2646 for shipping details.

A list of other available games will follow. I will take pictures of other games as requested. Use the contact form (coming soon) to contact me.


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